Optics Manufacturing 101

Optics Manufacturing 101 was designed for engineers by engineers. With the topic 'design for manufacturability' continuing to grow, we created this program to assist optical designers in designing their optics with the end in mind. 

How to Get a Quote

In order to turn your optical design from concept to the finished lens, it is crucial to understand what items need to be provided when submitting a request for a quote. This video addresses various topics such as non-disclosure agreements, prints with tolerances, quantities, time frame, documentation, quality requirements, and terms & conditions. 

Specifying Optical Coatings

From a manufacturer's perspective, there are several pertinent pieces of information that need to be relayed in the specification of optical coatings (essential and supplemental information). Essential information is the minimum information needed to design a coating to meet the spectral requirements. This information is typically the glass type, wavelength or range of wavelengths of interest, angle of incidence (AOI), or AOI range. Supplemental information ensures the coating will be designed with your exact use in mind and enhance system performance. This information is typically laser damage requirements, environmental durability requirements, witness piece requirements, and special documentation, marking, and packaging requirements.