New Aspheric Manufacturing and Metrology Cell Commissioned by LaCroix

In November of 2017 LaCroix Precision Optics kicked off its new expanded facility by commissioning an additional aspheric manufacturing and metrology cell. The new equipment includes an Optipro Ultrasurf 3D aspheric measuring system, a Satisloh SPS 125 Polishing Machine, as well as a Satisloh SPM 200 Grinding Machine and SPS 200 Polishing Machine.

“This acquisition will complement our current advanced processing department allowing us to characterize and correct 3 dimensional errors such as asymmetry as well as reduce and remove mid-spatial frequency errors. This allows LaCroix to manufacture tighter tolerance aspheres as well as new shapes such as axicons and aspheric cylinders” remarked Kenny Rains, one of LaCroix’s Technical Sales and Manufacturing Engineers.